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Chronitons Chroniton are a kind of energy used to play missions in Star Trek Timelines. They are exchanged for Away Team and Space Battle Missions. Each mission and level have a pre-determined number of chronitons needed to execute (minimum 4, max 24, currently). If no chronitons are available, a mission cannot start.

Chronitons can be earned by:

  • Passage of time: A countdown timer of 6 minutes per chroniton is set in the game.
  • Chroniton Boost: Collect 20 Chroniton at any of 3 specified times during the day (12:00pm, 6:00pm, and 9:00pm local time)
  • Cadet Challenges: Missions available on certain days that use tickets to reward chronitons.
  • Purchase: 50 Chroniton in exchange for 150 Dilithium (dilithium). The price increases every two purchases, making the cumulative cost:
    • 50 Chroniton for 150 Dilithium
    • 100 Chroniton for 300 Dilithium
    • 150 Chroniton for 500 Dilithium
    • 200 Chroniton for 700 Dilithium
    • 250 Chroniton for 950 Dilithium
    • 300 Chroniton for 1200 Dilithium
  • Captain Leveling: When you attain sufficient Captain XP to level up, you will automatically receive a chroniton boost equal to the chroniton storage capacity at your new level.

Many screens in the game will display how many chronitons are available for use, as well as max chroniton earning available based on Captain's level - in the format of (usable/max). It is possible to collect chronitons over the max amount shown, however no new chronitons will be earned based on time if you are at or over max. Collecting a Chroniton Boost can put you over your max.

Keeping chronitons below the max (so that they will always recharge), it is possible to collect up to 300 Chroniton each day for free (24x10 from recharge, 3x20 from boosts).

Chroniton Boost times (Standard time, Daylight Savings not recognized):

  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • 21:00 - 23:00

Chronitons are sometimes supplied to players as free gifts in their message inbox. The largest such chroniton gifts have often been delivered as compensation with some apology from Disruptor Beam after an unfortunate incident on their part, leading to the coining of the term Sorryton.