Daily Rewards

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What Are They

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Daily Rewards are items or crew given to all players for their daily devotion to Star Trek Timelines. On the first day of each month, a daily reward chart will be listed in the Daily Missions log. One (1) specified reward shown on the chart is available every day when the Daily Missions reset. The daily reward table is only valid for that specific month.

How to Claim


The daily reward must be claimed manually each day to advance to the next available daily reward. For example, if you do not claim the reward today, it will be available tomorrow. However, if the reward is not claimed each day, the higher rewards (such as the Super Rare crew) towards the end of the month will not be attainable.

VIP Bonus

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It is possible to receive a double reward (2x bonus) for each alternating daily reward in the monthly list. This is achieved by having the specified VIP level shown for the reward. If your Captain is VIP 3, you will receive the 2x bonus for the reward shown with (2x 1), (2x 2), and (2x 3). These rewards are not retroactive. All other 2x bonus days will only receive one (1) of the item.