S.A.H.M.s Fleet

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About Us

S.A.H.M.s Fleet is a teaching fleet for new players and for free to play players, while experienced players are invested in helping the fleet as a whole. This fleet was set up with busy stay at home and working parent players in mind. We are in the process of organizing and optimizing our squads. The admiral of this fleet is a former teacher who wishes to see players learn and enjoy the game. We are always willing to help you in your squad chat or in the fleet chat.

Rules and Responsibilities

All members should join a squad. Squad leaders are our fleet officers. Squad leaders should check in to officer chat to report squad scores. We aren't high pressure, but we do want you to check in to your squad with your event scores. We have a few simple conduct rules: no political discussions, and be polite and not an A-hole. We're started by parents, so we expect you to behave like a grown up. Your name cannot be "Captain". Just do the best you can so we can continue to represent on the event leaderboards.


Fleet Admiral

ADM AmazonX42


  • j.b.
  • Mallyce
  • Hoooooman
  • Not Picard
  • Cable
  • Price Comet
  • Captain Hawley


Mercury Squadron

  • ADM AmazonX42
  • Captain Sendrik
  • Freboz
  • <ERROR404>
  • brunt


  • j.b.
  • Peña
  • Shabazz
  • Archangel
  • Sir Solly


  • Hoooooman
  • Avon
  • Chris xd
  • PsySin
  • Captain Marksor

Vanguard Squadron

  • Mallyce
  • Ringo Starr
  • Constable Adek
  • The Captain N T'Neele

Comet Galaxy

  • Prince Comet

Death Stars

  • Cable
  • Ribs
  • Tom
  • Kerr Avon
  • Cpt C Rook


  • Not Picard

Blinking Angel

  • Captain Hawley