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Shuttle Boosts were released on May 17, 2016 with version 1.1.1.[1]   Sometime between May and July, some of the skill bosts were buffed.[2]
On November 29, 2016 it was announced that beginning with the upcoming Galaxy Event Family Tree shuttle boosts would be usable to provide boosts to the success rate at acquiring a Rare Reward. In-game, Shuttle Boosts were renamed to Boosts & Kits.[3]

Shuttle Boosts modify your Faction Missions in various ways. Going to sleep and don’t want to lose valuable shuttle time? Add on a boost letting you extend the shuttle time by 6 hours and doubling the rewards you receive! Or if a mission is too difficult, add on a temporary boost, increasing your chance to succeed in the mission. You can find Shuttle Boosts in the new “Shuttle Boosts” section of the Time Portal!

Shuttle Boost Purchase.jpg

Time Portal

Is it just me or should DB have made Standard x10 3-star and Basic x1 0-star?

Type Stars Boost Quantity Boost Quality
Basic Common 1 Any (Usually Uncommon-)
Common 10
Standard Uncommon 1 Rare+
Uncommon 10
Premium Super Rare 1 Rare+, some Super Rare
Super Rare 10 Rare+, 1+ Super Rare+


Apply Shuttle Boost in Mission Screen
Image Name Rarity Description
Basic Time Reduction Boost Time Reduction
Basic Decreases time to completion by 00:10:00
CommonUnfilled Decreases time to completion by 00:30:00
UncommonUnfilled Decreases time to completion by 01:00:00
RareUnfilled Decreases time to completion by 01:30:00
Super RareUnfilled Decreases time to completion by 02:00:00
Legendary Decreases time to completion by 02:30:00
Basic Reward Boost Reward Boost
  • 2x rewards
  • Decreases difficulty based on rarity
  • Increases time to completion by 06:00:00
Super RareUnfilled
Basic Command BoostBasic Diplomacy Boost
Basic Engineering BoostBasic Security Boost
Basic Science BoostBasic Medicine Boost
Skill Bonus
Basic Increases Skill by 50
CommonUnfilled Increases Skill by 100
UncommonUnfilled Increases Skill by 150
RareUnfilled Increases Skill by 250
Super RareUnfilled Increases Skill by 450
Legendary Increases Skill by 700