Silent Warriors

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Silent Warriors
Founded: Febuary 2, 2002 (COMMUNITY)

April 27, 2016 (FLEET)

Membership: Open
Achievements: Many over the years, through many games.
Communication: Discord & Website
NEWS: News
Facebook: Silent Warriors


Silent Warriors

Silent Warriors Gaming Community began on February 2nd 2002 in the FPS "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault". Then known as "The Silent Warriors" with the tag "TSW".

The Silent Warriors takes it's name from the men and women of the armed forces who have "served in silence". These warriors have all made the ultimate sacrifices for our freedoms and we try to honor them with our name and our actions.

The Silent Warriors hold loyalty, duty, respect, honor and integrity over all else.

Today Silent Warriors span many games and genres.

The overall focus of the Silent Warriors is to have a mature gaming community that any play style can enjoy being a part of. They accomplish this by having both casual to hardcore players in the community with teams and events focused for all styles of play.

With a strong focus on community our endgame goal is to create lasting memories and friendships that may span more then just in game or online. It is through gaming that we forge new friendships, relationships and memories.

Fleet Contacts


  • Magesw