The Liberal Alliance

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Liberal Definition (A person willing to accept/respect behaviour or opinions that differ from one's own. Open to new ideas.)

We are a global fleet with a wide range of player levels.

What we offer

  • Tolerance, diversity and friendship.
  • We have a regular fleet podcast with game news and tips, fleet gossip and general Star Trek chat.
  • We compile our own in fleet leaderboards for events with special recognition for individual player personal bests.

The group is not affiliated with any political party.

Membership requirements

  1. Captains must be 18 or over.
  2. Captains must also be prepared to engage, chat and support other members of the fleet.
  3. Captains must be prepared to join the Fleet's Line Chat.
  4. Captains must check in with their event scores.

Once accepted into the fleet it is your responsibility to contact the Admiral or one of the Officers with your age and location.

The Liberal Alliance is for daily players. If members are going to be offline for more than seven consecutive days and wish to remain in the fleet then please let an officer know before hand.

Application: To apply for membership contact Admiral Fallon on Line App (Free Download from App. store). ID = Fallon_Carrington.

Current members:


  • [Leader] Fallon (UK)
  • [Officer] Trill Clinton (UK)
  • [Officer] Torkin the Blue (US)
  • [Officer] Cap'n Capacitor (Canada)
  • [Officer] Rear Admiral Bloomfield (US)
  • [Officer] Vivier (US)
  • [Officer] Dolemite (US)
  • [Officer] Sir Clowneater (Canada)
  • [Officer] Deep in your Space (US)
  • [Officer] 84WB (Austria)

  • Geo La Forge (China)
  • Zander (UK)
  • Cloud (US)
  • Garvan (UK)
  • Dean (US)
  • Brat (Canada)
  • Ultimates (Singapore)
  • Opalsunset (US)
  • Diana Prince (US)
  • Mulluke (Germany)
  • Seven of Mine (Canada)
  • Cabin Boy Andy (UK)
  • Marjel (UK)
  • Shiara (US)
  • Rogal Dorn (UK)
  • Puppask (Italy)
  • Ion P (UK)
  • Human Male (Taiwan)
  • Commander Sajon (US)
  • Cal (Australia)
  • Beavis (US)
  • Goof (Australia)
  • Monte (US)
  • Captain David (Canada)
  • Captain Rebecca (Canada)
  • 1 of 1 (UK)
  • Cap10 K (Germany)
  • Captain Nik'N'Nak (Ireland)
  • Kork (Germany)
  • Wally (Belgium)
  • Pandora (US)
  • Major Tom (US)
  • Tripp Janeway (US)
  • Acting Rear Adml Dax (UK)
  • Smittenbyspock (Germany)
  • Joekoolca (Canada)
  • Tssha (Canada)
  • Admiral Kurtz (US)
  • Niner47 (US)
  • TrekieJess (US)
  • Bushlaaa (US)
  • Krazeylze (?)
  • Legate Damar (US)
  • Tiberius (US)
  • Billy Bobby (US)
  • I'm not Picard (?)
  • Sarge (Poland)
  • Chief Bryon (UK)
  • Captn Chicken (?)
  • Valkin (UK)
  • Kostas Riker (Greece)
  • Becky (US)
  • Gocs (US)
  • Dino (US)
  • Money (US)
  • Malleus (US)
  • Gunsmoke (US)
  • Manbearpig (US)
  • Centari (US)
  • Becky2 (US)

(Currently being updated)