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Hello my fellow Trekians!

Please let me welcome you to my page. My whole aim is to create a competitive group that has fun rather than be militant and weird.

I will never ask you to join any apps or do anything you feel uncomfortable with. We will govern as a team, but don't feel pressured into talking with us. Just play the game and enjoy yourself.

This is how I see it: You are playing and maybe paying for this game with your money on your downtime. Because it's YOUR downtime and money you should enjoy how you spend it without rules and regulations.

I will not grill you on what you can and cannot do. Do what you want... live free.

Obviously, we can reevaluate how we proceed once the fleets are enacted properly. Until then.... LIVE LONG AND PROSPER...and EMBRACE LOGIC.


13eild.jpgWe have engaged the borg by stlegacy-d4ey0bh.jpg